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Minnie Mouse birthday party

Ceiling decor for Minnie Mouse party theme

When we say we love to create bespoke décor for each and every Client, we really do mean what we say! We thrive on our ability to create party decorations to suit our clients’ budget, colour/theme preferences as well as the particular venue for the proposed party – your living room or garden, a hotel banquet room or a community centre. Each venue has its own particular quirks and we have learned to, where we can, use these to our advantage to help create the desired ambience for your party.

Just to buttress our point, we have posted below pictures from several “Minnie Mouse” themed birthday party decorations by Balloon Inspirations.

These pictures show varied interpretations of the same theme:- Clients may choose to focus the decorations on creating specific focal points such as the birthday cake table, ceiling decorations (useful when the space has a high ceiling ), the dancefloor, individual table decorations/centrepieces or you can have full room decorations – a little everywhere to create a unified whole.


We have a few pictures of variations on the Minnie Mouse birthday party theme.

Variation 1:

Here we have a slight variation on the same theme; Minnie Mouse themed party decorations – the dance floor canopy treatment differs from the one above, as textile swags are incorporated for a different look. Also note the inclusion of the large (3 foot) “exploding balloon” for added effect.


…and below, we show a few more examples.

Some more examples:

Kid’s Party Decorations – Minnie Mouse Themed party.

childrens party decorations -minnie mouse

childrens party decorations -minnie mouse


Pink, pink and more pink with a little bit of black and white accents made up the colours of a Disney Minnie Mouse themed birthday party in London UK recently.

At BalloonInspirations.com we know that getting the right balance of colour and proportions helps to form individual decoration elements into a cohesive theme and this aspect of our work is always visible to a discerning eye.

A custom made arch in black and featuring “Minnie’s ears” with her tell tale large pink bow formed a backdrop for the cake table. The cake table was additionally flanked on either side by a large ‘Minnie Mouse ‘ balloon sculpture, helping to reinforce the theme.

The individual guest tables were treated with table centrepieces comprising Minnie Mouse themed balloon bouquets; these, along with the large double arches in the centre of the room together created a very visually appealing party venue for the Girl’s birthday party.

The pictures featured below give an overview of the general décor of the space and show the cake table area as well as table decorations.