[dropcap4]W[/dropcap4]hatever the event you are celebrating, table decorations and centrepieces go a long way in creating maximum impact. Table centrepieces, when well designed, make delightful ice-breakers – helping to start conversations especially where previously unaquainted guests are seated alongside each other. At Balloon Inspirations, we delight in creating bespoke table centrepieces for Weddings, Barmitzvahs, Dinner parties and more, particularly where a theme has been chosen for the event. Beautifully designed and finished table decorations tie all the parts of the venue decoration together to create a cohesive whole, while keeping guests entertained in the event of a ‘lull’ in conversation!

Below is a selection of table centrepieces designed for a variety of parties. These are by no means exhaustive – they represent just a few of the projects we have carried out, and we are always increasing the number of accessories we integrate into our designs to keep in line with current trends.

Call us for more ideas for your special event.

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