Celebrate your Birthdays in style – Themed floor-standing balloon stacks and balloon bouquets:

We are pleased to offer our floor-standing balloon arrangements and balloon stacks. These have become an increasingly popular way to celebrate your loved ones or even yourself, often at home and especially where larger gatherings have not been desired or possible. They immediately highlight the theme of your celebration; whether you are going for specific colour themes or the main interests or hobbies of the celebrant.

Our impressive balloon arrangements are mainly air-filled and last for a long time, delighting the recipient for weeks to come. The floor bouquets also serve as a focal point for your celebrations as well as serving as a delightful backdrop for all the party photos.

Book these in advance to ensure that your preferred colours and themes are possible within the given time-frame. As shown by the non-exhaustive and wide variety below, we endeavour to create arrangements that are unique to each celebrant. Prices for these arrangements vary as we are able to include (or exclude) different details and levels of intricacy in order to suit your budget. We can include the celebrant’s name or a phrase (dependent on the price point for your preferred design).

Featured below are a few of our designs and they can be adapted to suit indoor or outdoor display (subject to adequate weather protection and suitable rigging points).