Balloon Arches and Balloon Swags

Balloon arches and balloon swags can be made up in myriads of combinations of colours, sizes and styles. As we have the option to create custom balloon colours, this means we are able to create almost limitless designs for our balloon arches and swags.

They range from the single balloon arch, to classic balloon arches and swags to extravagant organic balloon arches with so many variations in between! Some are built to last but a few hours, while others have been known to last for well over a week, and this means the balloon arches are really versatile!

The pictures displayed below highlight a only a few of our designs which vary in the level of detail included and the intricacy involved and this is obviously reflected in the prices. We often incorporate different accessories within the balloon arches to further emphasise the theme or to tie in with the general décor of the room we are building these balloon arches in. Balloon swags are similar to balloon arches and the main difference is that the arches are mostly tethered to the ground, while the swags are mostly attached and suspended from the ceiling above.

Click on each of the pictures below for a closer view: