Birthday party balloon decorations for ages 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100.
Themed milestone birthday party decorations

50th Birthday Party balloon decorations


50th birthday party decorations - purple and silver square balloon decorations

50th birthday party decorations – purple and silver square balloon decorations

Celebrating a 50th birthday party appears to be one of those rites of passage that a large percentage of the populace take part in. There are many ways in which a 50th birthday party is celebrated – many people choose to celebrate at home; perhaps having a small party with close friends and family. Increasingly  though, we are finding that people are choosing to celebrate with a larger circle of friends and family and this means that 50th birthday parties are celebrated in large reception halls, function rooms of hotels, pubs and clubs and within large gardens when the weather is pleasant.

The pictures below show some of the different balloon decorations we have created for 50th birthday party  celebrations.


70th Birthday Party

70th birthday balloon party decorations

Elegant balloon arrangements and centrepieces were created in Gold and Black balloons for a 70th birthday party.

Stylish balloon columns featuring Black and gold Jumbo balloons on a base of black feathers and gold balloons. These balloon columns were then placed at the entrance of the party venue.

50th Birthday Party

50th birthday party balloons

Elegant balloon arrangements and centrepieces were created in Blue and silver foil balloons for a 50th birthday party in the function rooms of a clubhouse in Kent.

50th birthday party balloons

Blue, white and silver balloon columns placed around the function room.


30th Birthday Party

30th birthday party decorations

Jumbo latex balloons topped the balloon columns that framed the dancefloor.

Black, silver and white balloons and accessories were utilised in creating the decor for a 30th birthday party in a function room in Essex UK.

Balloon decorations were created for the band stage, the guest tables and the buffet area.

Several single balloon arches were placed around the hall of while the table decorations comprised of black and white jumbo (36″) balloons and black feathers.

30th birthday party decorations - black and white

Buffet table balloon decorations.


18th and 21st Birthday party decorations

21st and 18th birthday party balloon decorations

Joint celebrations for two young ladies turning 18 and 21. A simple canopy connected to abstract balloon trees over the dance floor complement the 3 foot balloon arrangements on the tables around the room.

The individual celebrants names are spelt out in large gold balloon letters forming a large single arch and while the ages are also featured in large gold lettering.