Blue and silver corporate balloon decorations

Blue and silver corporate balloon decorations – Table decor

End of year party held at Holiday Inn at the Chessington World of Adventures , Surrey in the UK.

The decor featured the use of various shades of blue and silver, giving an almost monochromatic effect. Liberal use of foil and latex balloons together (along with suitable accessories) helped to create room decorations which were both formal and fun at the same time!

Gallery showing the Blue and Silver balloon decorations for the Corporate End of year party.


unique gift baskets for valentines day

unique gift baskets for valentines day

Inconceivable as it may have seemed, (given the time and money spent in preparations), Christmas 2010 has come and gone, a new year has been ushered in with new goals, dreams and aspirations. This is an opportune time to consider our relationships with those near and dear to us. January flies by, then comes February – the month when St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over.

Valentines day may be celebrated either intimately or alongside a group of lovers, say at a specially themed Valentines’ Day dinner party, prepared specifically for the occasion, while some people prefer dining together at home, going to the movies and or other places that are special to them as a couple. More likely than not however, gifts and cards are always exchanged on the 14th of February every year, to mark the day, to let someone (who may otherwise be oblivious) know that they are loved by you or simply to show appreciation for those whom you hold dear to your heart.

Valentines day balloon display

Cute and Cuddly bears with Valentines themed balloons

Cute and Cuddly bears with Valentines themed balloons
Balloons and accessories put together as a delivery bouquet are particularly effective in sending the message out loud and clear – and as they come in various shapes, sizes and with various slogans/messages imprinted on them, your true intent (witty, sentimental, over-the-top or minimalist) is easily captured and relayed to your delighted recipient. Valentine’s Day themed balloons lend themselves to creating special Valentines Day themed party decorations with the use of special balloon shapes, figures, printed balloons lighting and accessories.

Serving London, Essex and the Home counties of the UK, Balloon specialises in creating unique and exciting Valentines Day balloon delivery bouquets and gift baskets which make a lasting impression on the recipients long after the end of Valentine’s Day.

valentines gift baskets
Valentine’s Day gift baskets ready for delivery.
For those who live a fair distance away from their sweethearts, our ‘Balloon -in-a-box’ gift boxes make delightful presents for loved ones. Comprising decorative boxes containing inflated foil or plastic balloons nestled in a bed of decorative tissue, these can additionally contain treats such as Chocolates.