Under the Sea - room view2

You have heard this talked about for almost as long as you can remember;  a major event in the school life of High School leavers, and secretly, you have looked forward to dressing up for your own prom! A time to finally say goodbye to old friends as you all move on in life while you look forward to embrace the future, you really want your prom to be a night to remember…While you sort out the music,  food, transport etc; you would do well to pay attention to the Décor! There are a myriad of décor themes that could be considered while planning your prom. What is most important is to plan early; in fact, choosing a theme and planning early could help to inform the choice of attire, music style etc, making the coordination of these different elements easier to control.

Balloon Inspirations specialises in creating amazing themed balloon decorations with maximum impact.  We can suggest prom decorations themes for your school prom, or where you have chosen the prom theme already, we create spectacular themed decorations to bring your vision into reality. We are able to work within your budget to create unforgettable décor.

Balloon Anchor sculpture in the middle of the room

“Underwater” themed balloon decorations were prepared for a High school prom in Essex, UK. Various balloon props, balloon sculptures, lights and accessories were utilised to give the illusion of being underwater in the party Hall.

Underwater themed Prom - Balloon Wall mural

Underwater themed Prom – Balloon Wall mural – Class of 2007

Entrance decorations can include a themed balloon wall backdrop emblazoned with the outgoing school year…

Examples of  prom decoration themes include;

  • Holly Wood/ Oscars theme (a very popular theme)
  • Under water theme
  • Hawaiian theme
  • Masquerade theme
  • Outer space

To view some prom decoration projects we have undertaken in the past, please click here: Prom Party Decorations. We also showcase a Hollywood themed prom party decor here: Hollywood Themed Prom