Balloon decorations - snowflakes 12

Balloon decorations – snowflakes 12















The first flurry of snow for this season just covered a large part of the UK this morning, particularly in the South East region, including London and the surrounding Home counties.

While no one (particularly commuters) could ignore the nuisance and disruption that comes in the wake of snow fall in this country, in the same vein, it is just as difficult to ignore the charm and inherent beauty of the “white stuff”.

Perhaps this unrelenting fascination with the weather phenomenon called snow explains why so many people choose a wintry scene as a theme for their party decorations. It is just as feasible to have winter-wonderland /white Christmas themed Wedding decorations as it is to have children’s Christmas party decorations. The difference would be in the choice of décor elements as well as the accents used.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

Christmas party themes – white Christmas
This white Christmas scene for a Corporate Christmas party could work for a Wedding reception with a few tweaks
Some more pictures depicting Balloon Snow flakes:

Christmas party balloon decorations

Christmas party balloon decorations

In the wake of the festive season, Winter Wonderland themed parties are becoming more popular than ever before. This theme is as applicable to Wedding and Birthday parties as it is to Christmas parties and to pull one off with an authentic “feel” to it; a creative and adventurous designer as well as a visionary Client are required.
It is possible to create a “wintry”atmosphere with a budget that does not necessarily break the bank. There are different ways of doing this; and one of the best mediums to use is Balloon decoration and associated accessories.
First, you may choose to focus on a specific area of the room/venue, creating an instant focal point , which may actually be the only area that alludes to the theme.
If space and budget allows, creating a wintry scene as shown in the photo above, comprising balloon sculptures of balloon trees, balloon snowmen and angels and balloon Christmas trees with associated accessories including artificial snow.

Balloon “Christmas” trees and balloon snowmen on a smaller scale make beautiful table centrepieces especially when decorated with exquisite accents and colours. These centrepieces can then be lit to create a subtle glow on the tables they rest upon.


miniature balloon trees make beautiful table centrepieces

miniature balloon trees make beautiful table centrepieces


For large rooms, building oversized balloon snowflake sculptures which are suspended from the ceilings help to create excitement and impact relatively easily and will quickly fill a really large space especially at venues with high ceilings.

winter wonderland - ceiling burst

Winter wonderland – fill up large headrooms with ceiling bursts…

winter wonderland suspended snowflakes

Christmas party decorations - lit table decorations

White Christmas all around – scene setters complete the look.

The use of proprietary scene setters would also contribute to the overall

tope cover sub

We are very pleased to launch our first ever training DVD featuring table centrepieces designs, taught by ‘Tope Abulude a renowned decorator and instructor.

No one does elegance like ‘Tope, and we have had the privilege of collaborating with “AeraDeco Video” recognized in the balloon industry as a leader in educational videos for decorators to produce this DVD.

In this first DVD release, ‘Tope explores the beauty of balloons as table centrepieces, creating exciting themed designs for different Client events.

These are all “air-filled” designs and are sure to bring you top dollar as you wow your clients with your style and class.

The intended skill level for this DVD is “Intermediate to Advanced”.

You can now purchase the video directly from us by clicking on the link:

Purchase DVD’ link_target=’_blank’ size=’large’ position=’center’ icon_select=’yes’ icon=’ue859′ font=’entypo-fontello’ color=’theme-color’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’]


We received a rather interesting call the other day, purportedly from a prospective client. This client was asking about a specific image they had seen on our website; they wanted to know how much it would cost them if we were to reproduce the same decor for their function.
Well, we delivered the usual spiel, trying ascertain what the client was really after, as well as find out the location of their proposed function – the location obviously impacts on balloon delivery and logistical set up costs, (you know, we are really creative people and love to prepare bespoke decor for each client). When we found ourselves being steered in the conversation towards divulging every last detail of how we put the decor together, we began to feel rather suspicious.
Finally, we told the client, ” we work based on trust, expecting our clients to trust us to deliver what we have agreed with them to deliver (we love to add our own extras too – just to delight our clients even more) while we trust them to honour our terms and conditions ; and as it seemed this particular client was more interested in querying us, we rang off – politely of course!

The penny drops!

Anyway, imagine our surprise when half an hour later, we received another call from the same “client” who decided to finally be straight with us. They really wanted that decor, but they are located very far away from us (a few hundred miles) and didn’t think it would be cost effective for them to hire us to do it for them; so they were on a fact finding mission, they wanted detailed instructions on how to implement the decor.

Well, to cut a rather long story short, they did realise their objective, but not before they were on the receiving end of a rather stern reprimand from us and had apologised for their deceit!
‘Tope Abulude is a well known balloon decorating instructor who enjoys teaching others, so had this person been straight from the start, they may have got what they sought much earlier and without the “earful” they received.
The question is, what would you have done and do you think our caller was male or female?
Please leave your comments below.
Thank you.

Colourful Balloon rings party decor

Balloon entrance arch- Venetian themed party

Balloon entrance arch- Venetian themed party

Balloon Inspirations was recently called upon to create Venetian themed décor for a High School Prom in Essex. Of the several possible ways to introduce the romance of Venice to the venue of the School Prom, Balloon Inspirations chose the mystery of “Venetian Masks” to create the ambience of a night in Venice.

Balloon Party decorations - Venetian themed prom

Venetian themed prom decorations – overview of the entire room; ceiling decorations, table centrepieces etc.

Balloon Party decorations – Venetian themed prom
Venetian themed prom decorations – overview of the entire room; ceiling decorations, table centrepieces etc.
A framed balloon entrance tunnel was created just behind twin “Venetian totem poles” to usher in the Class of 2011 through into their own little corner of “Venice”. The prom decorations comprised entirely of Gold, white and black décor tastefully accented by lighting and accessories. The star of the day were the intricately formed and lit table centrepieces comprising mystery masks and other balloon accessories.

Balloon tunnel in white, black and Gold.

Balloon Entrance Tunnel welcoming the graduands to “Venice”…

Balloon tunnel in white, black and Gold.
Balloon Entrance Tunnel welcoming the graduands to “Venice”…

The high ceilings of the prom venue were taken advantage of to create spectacular ceiling decorations. These easily helped to bind all the individual elements of the prom decorations into a cohesive whole – from the entrance tunnel/canopy, through to the mystery mask table centrepieces, the stage décor comprising more Venetian totem poles and other floor standing arrangements.

Venetian themed Prom decorations - Entrance balloon canopy and Venetian masks.

Venetian themed Prom decorations – including mystery masks on Venetian totem poles

Venetian themed Prom decorations – including mystery masks on Venetian totem poles
All in all, the decorations were a resounding success, helping to transform a regular venue to a truly spectacular scene, sure to be imprinted in the minds of those who attended the High School Prom for many years to come.

For more pictures from this prom decorations, please click here:

Winnie the Pooh themed Birthday party decorations in South East London.

Winnie the Pooh themed Birthday party decorations in South East London.

At Balloon Inspirations, we delight in creating fun and exciting balloon birthday party decorations for Kid’s birthday parties. These very often include the young celebrant’s favourite book/TV character or abstract themes such as the enchanted forest and Princess Party themes.

Winnie the pooh balloon sculpture for kid's birthday party balloons

Winnie the pooh balloon sculpture for kid’s birthday party balloons

“Winnie – the pooh” themed balloon decorations were prepared for a Child’s birthday party in South East London, UK and comprised of large and tapering balloon swags suspended playfully from the ceiling and culminating in a curiously variegated  3 foot large exploding balloon, popped remotely at the appropriate time during the celebrations.

Additional large (3foot) balloons were suspended from the ceiling using the  contrasting texture of feather boas beside the smooth roundness of the balloons.

In addition to the ceiling decorations, table decorations also featured miniature “Winnie-the -Pooh” balloon sculptures set upon delightful balloon table arrangements.

Kid's birthday party - Winnie the Pooh Birthday party in South East London.

Kid’s themed birthday party – Winnie the Pooh Birthday party in South East London.

A playful single arch flanked on either side by a larger-than-life Winnie the Pooh sculpture set amongst abstract balloon flowers created the focal point for the room .

The birthday balloon decorations was executed mainly in red and yellow colours and accented with a small amount of green.

More images from the Winnie the pooh themed birthday party are featured below:

You can also see more themed balloon and party decorations for Kid’s parties by following the appropriate link  here: Birthday Party Decorations. Adults have themed birthday party decorations too: 50th Birthday party decorations

Call us now to discuss some great ideas for your next Birthday party decorations on: 01375 396 100, 01277 201 593 or 07956 562 543.

patriotic colours blue white and red balloons frame the entrance door

blue white and red balloons in atwo columns frame the entrance door

Royal Wedding Party decorations:

Well, with the Royal Wedding hitting the whole of the UK, thanks, in part to the extra Bank Holiday this month, celebration fever has hit almost the entire populace.

Street parties are being planned up and down the UK, though possibly not quite on the same scale as the Lady Di and Prince Charles Wedding all those decades ago.

Rather than having a full street party, (due in part to the hassle of getting permissions for street closures) a large number of people are taking advantage of the good weather  and extra holiday to plan garden parties and join in the revelry of the crown prince and his future Bride.

In addition to the traditional flags, banners and bunting which are strewn across lawns,  balloons make a statement which says “Time to party”! like no other medium can. It is relatively easy to transform your garden or even your front room  into a patriotic and fun venue for your party.  This get you firmly in the mood to toast the newly weds with style, or if you are not a royalist, just celebrate anyway!

Right from the street, a large bunch of blue, red and white balloons could greet your guests, assuring them they’ve found the right place! Then, depending on how large your front garden is, you could have small balloon columns leading up to your front door.

Helium filled balloons with ribbon streamers as used here:

Balloon party decorations - Ceiling decor

Ceiling filled with helium-filled balloons and streamers.

make for really effective ceiling/indoor décor and would instantly transform your Lounge into a fun party venue.

If you really wish to splash out and have the space to do it in, could create a balloon wall in the form of the Union Jack – a great backdrop for any party

Balloon Wall with Company Logo

The Balloon wall creates a great backdrop for any party, while making a statement!

Anyway, whichever way you choose to celebrate with family and friends this long weekend; glued to your TV or basking in the sun, do have a great time!

Under the Sea - room view2

You have heard this talked about for almost as long as you can remember;  a major event in the school life of High School leavers, and secretly, you have looked forward to dressing up for your own prom! A time to finally say goodbye to old friends as you all move on in life while you look forward to embrace the future, you really want your prom to be a night to remember…While you sort out the music,  food, transport etc; you would do well to pay attention to the Décor! There are a myriad of décor themes that could be considered while planning your prom. What is most important is to plan early; in fact, choosing a theme and planning early could help to inform the choice of attire, music style etc, making the coordination of these different elements easier to control.

Balloon Inspirations specialises in creating amazing themed balloon decorations with maximum impact.  We can suggest prom decorations themes for your school prom, or where you have chosen the prom theme already, we create spectacular themed decorations to bring your vision into reality. We are able to work within your budget to create unforgettable décor.

Balloon Anchor sculpture in the middle of the room

“Underwater” themed balloon decorations were prepared for a High school prom in Essex, UK. Various balloon props, balloon sculptures, lights and accessories were utilised to give the illusion of being underwater in the party Hall.

Underwater themed Prom - Balloon Wall mural

Underwater themed Prom – Balloon Wall mural – Class of 2007

Entrance decorations can include a themed balloon wall backdrop emblazoned with the outgoing school year…

Examples of  prom decoration themes include;

  • Holly Wood/ Oscars theme (a very popular theme)
  • Under water theme
  • Hawaiian theme
  • Masquerade theme
  • Outer space

To view some prom decoration projects we have undertaken in the past, please click here: Prom Party Decorations. We also showcase a Hollywood themed prom party decor here: Hollywood Themed Prom

Blue and silver corporate balloon decorations

Blue and silver corporate balloon decorations – Table decor

End of year party held at Holiday Inn at the Chessington World of Adventures , Surrey in the UK.

The decor featured the use of various shades of blue and silver, giving an almost monochromatic effect. Liberal use of foil and latex balloons together (along with suitable accessories) helped to create room decorations which were both formal and fun at the same time!

Gallery showing the Blue and Silver balloon decorations for the Corporate End of year party.