“Sweets for my sweet” – Candy Land themed birthday party decorations.

Balloon Ginger bread house - Candy Land themed party decorations

When we got the opportunity to design  Candy Land themed party decorations, it was decided from the outset that an improvised balloon wall would be serve as a fantastic focal point for the room.

At Balloon Inspirations we always look forward to the opportunity to create something new. We enjoy interpreting our Clients’ design brief to come up  with balloon decorations that is as unique as the individual. This was a child’s birthday party in a great space in Mill Hill, North London so the use of very bright colours which immediately allude to sweets was definitely welcome here.

Candy Land themed balloon decorations - view from the back

Bright coloured table decorations for Candy Land themed party.

Candy Land themed balloon decorations - Ginger bread house and balloon sweets

A Ginger bread house of Balloons!

The focal point of the party room at a Candy land themed party in Mill Hill, North London. This superb balloon ginger bread house was flanked by fantasy balloon trees, sweets and hedges as well as clouds to complete the overall look of a balloon forest of treats.

More balloon treats on the tables

Balloon table decorations in the form of balloon ice creams topped by floating balloon sweets.

Candy land themed balloon table decorations -