Enchanted forest themed birthday party decorations.

2nd Birthday party decorations: – Enchanted forest theme

Enchanted forest – themed childrens party decorations – this was the

While at Balloon Inspirations we always welcome opportunities to create something new, we love the interesting dimension presented when we are called upon to create something a new dimension to a theme we have used over and over again.

We have had the priviledge of creating enchanted forest/ garden themes and these we have done using realistic colour schemes or completely fantasised colour schemes to reflect the celebrant’s personality/ preferences.

This particular instance, we have a marriage of realistic colour schemes (leafy green balloons) and fantasy elements – fantasy balloon flowers in various sizes as well as larger than life Balloon animals (in a garden)!

enchanted garden party fantasy balloons

Brightly coloured “jumbo sized” balloons with abstract (organic) balloon starbursts were suspended above the guests, forming the ceiling balloon decorations.

enchanted garden party balloon animals

Stage decor – Enchanted forest themed children’s party decorations

The focal point of the party room comprised entirely of balloon stage decor depicting the enchanted garden birthday party theme.

A fantasy balloon arch predominantly in various shades of green takes centre stage with accents of ‘fantasy’ balloon flowers adding a splash of bright colours to the composition. Additionally, balloon plant “tendrills” appear to float down from the apex of the balloon arch.

Enchanted garden balloon decor Enchanted forest – themed childrens party decorations can be treated in several different ways as evidenced by these pictures from a fantasy enchanted garden theme within a marquee in Lagos, Nigeria.

The link below leads to another Enchanted forest – themed childrens party decorations; this time for a High School Prom

The pictures below feature views from around the rest of the room for the Enchanted forest themed childrens party decorations for a 2 year old.