New Years Eve balloon party decorations.

Room view of corporate party decorations

Room view of corporate party decorations

The New Years Eve party, often termed the biggest party night of the year springs to mind as each year draws to a close. Around the end of the year, almost everyone, young and old begin to explore where and with whom they would like to usher in the New Year.

At Balloon Inspirations, we are able to help you create fantasy filled party decorations which would remain in the minds of  your guests for a long while afterwards, as we design truly spectacular party decor.

Ice themed party table centrepice

In particular, large hotels and function rooms catering for varied clientele on New year’s eve would benefit from our design expertise, utilising a combination of clever lighting incorporated into balloon decorations which would keep your guests enthralled. There are various design elements we can include in your design from the entrance right through to your guest tables, dance floor and even a stage if you have one.

Entrance Archway with a twist – Combination of latex and foil balloons give feel of excitement in the air.

The stage or dance floor treatment can be as elaborate or as simple as desired – depending on the atmosphere or feelings you wish to evoke within the party goers. The choice could therefore be between having fun- filled  bright and cheerful decor (usually using latex balloons and accessories) glamour or even understated luxury.

great for New Years Eve party - Stage decorations

Elaborate Stage balloon decorations

As it is traditional to countdown to the New year, creating a loud “bang” or explosion from part your balloon decorations is very effective. Guests would be caught unawares as to the source of the noise until the balloons and confetti flutter down from where they would have been previously rigged. Exploding balloons are explained further here: EXPLODING BALLOONS.

In addition to exploding balloons, we create other “interactive balloon decorations such as our very popular balloon-stick-men. These are very lightly weighted balloon sculptures which we often place around the dance floor in order to generate a lot of fun for guests as they appear to “move” with the music.

Interactive silver balloon stick men

Interactive silver balloon stick men appear to move to the music

Suitable for New Years eve parties - Drinks bar clad in decor balloons

Suitable for New Years eve parties – Drinks bar clad in decor balloons

The pictures below depict some more of the varied treatments we at Balloon Inspirations are able to give your function venue; depending on the function room space, size and design brief of our Clients.

If you are looking for New Years Eve party decorations that would help bring your celebrations this festive season to the realms of the spectacular, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at Balloon Inspirations in Essex  on our phone numbers: 01375 396100 or 07956 562543 or by email at:[email protected] and schedule a consultation today!