Underwater themed party decorations.

Underwater themed parties are quite popular, probably due to its universal appeal – many people all across the world still enjoy visiting large aquariums.

At Balloon Inspirations, we have had the privilege of creating variations of this same theme for both young and old alike. Under- the-sea themed Corporate dinner parties, Birthday parties and even High school prom parties.

Clear balloons of varying sizes as well as detailed balloon sculptures of different sea life all help to bring underwater themed party decorations alive. Sometimes, the sea life imagery is confined to a feature balloon wall serving both as a focal point and backdrop for the event. Balloon table decorations featuring clear balloons and small balloon sculptures fill the function room with an aquatic atmosphere which is perfect for an underwater themed party.

Under the Sea - Balloon Octopus 3

Large Octopus balloon sculpture hanging from the ceiling at this High School prom helped to create the illusion that the party was held underwater. Additional balloon sculptures include balloon anchors, balloon sea weed and reefs, bubbles and small balloon fish sculptures which altogether create a truly spectacular effect.

The location of the larger than life balloon anchor sculpture on the stage creates a spectacular effect. The balloon anchor was ‘wrapped’ around by a realistic looking balloon chain to complete the nautical look.

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