Balloon Octopuses, Balloon anchors balloon fish and other Maritime balloon sculptures for great underwater themed party decorations.

Ideal as entrance definers (if

underwater themed party - entrance

Entry through the tentacles of a large octopus balloon sculpture

Guests to an underwater themed event were welcomed to their banqueting suite by this “larger than life” balloon sculpture of a playful Octopus set in the midst other features of the water world including fish, reeds and water bubbles.

Reminiscent of a hot-air balloon, these gift baskets make ideal gifts for your loved ones and close friends.

This Valentine’s gift basket is in a black and red theme comprising a

Neon coloured balloons with musical notes helped to create a fun yet classy atmosphere for this Bat Mitzvah held in North London recently. The elegant table centrepieces which anchored the balloon bouquets were lit to cast a delightful glow on the guest tables. The overall room decorations was set off masterfully by the all-black chair and table covers provided.