Shades of pink and lilac with accents of gold formed the design framework for a girl’s Disney princesses themed birthday party decorations.

vegas themed party decorations - entrance archway

vegas themed party decorations – entrance archway

The Class of 2014 graduating from a High School in Essex were treated to Las Vegas themed Prom decorations designed and implemented by Balloon Inspirations – One of the UK’s premium event decorating companies.

True to form,  once the theme and budget were agreed, we set out to design a large balloon wall spanning the entire width of the venue. This wall served the dual purpose of ushering the guests in to the party area as well as creating a distinct separation between the seating/dance floor area  and the bar area. Taking design motifs from the icons of a typical “Vegas” Casino, “Diamonds”, “Spades” and “Hearts” topped the Balloon clusters which served as Table decorations.

Las Vegas Prom decorations - Large Balloon wall incorporating entrance archway

Las Vegas Prom decorations – Large Balloon wall incorporating entrance archway

Vegas themed balloon clusters - Table decorations - Prom decorations

Table decorations – featuring typical Vegas Casino icons…

Continuing the Vegas theme were the bases of the table decor formed to look like oversize playing dice. Large foil balloon dice and playing cards were placed at the base of the archway leading to the seating area.

"Vegas wall" as seen from the other side

Through the archway – Las Vegas styled prom decorations


More photographs of the spectacular Vegas themed prom balloon decorations are shown below:


Balloon snowflakes 3

Balloon snowflakes 3

Christmas party decorations – large balloon “snowflake” sculptures.

As though the fact that Christmas falls in the winter in the Northern hemisphere is not enough, the penchant for creating “wintry” scenes and backdrops for Christmas party decorations does not seem to be lessening.

An effective method that Balloon Inspirations has utilised for filling up large spaces, particularly in rooms with high ceilings is the introduction of Balloon Snowflake sculptures often of varying sizes in order to mimic snowlake occurence in nature. These giant snowflakes are often made up of white and clear round latex balloons with accessories in silver light blue and other popular Christmas colours.

christmas party decorations Wintry Christmas scene - arctic balloon penguins on "Iceberg".

Wintry Christmas scene – arctic balloon penguins on “Iceberg”.

The incorporation of lighting within the decorations additionally enhance the atmosphere of a cold wintry evening where appropriate while other decoration elements such as lit balloon Christmas trees, lit balloon parcels and balloon table decorations all contribute to the general “Christmassy” ambiance of the party room.