Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed balloon decorations for a 1st birthday party in London, UK

Balloon Zebra, Girrafe and frog – balloon animals created for an enchanted forest themed kids’ birthday party in London.

Sponge Bob themed balloon party decorations.

Balloon sweets, balloon ice-creams, a gingerbread house – a few of the “treats” at a candyland themed birthday party in London.

Shades of pink and lilac with accents of gold formed the design framework for a girl’s Disney princesses themed birthday party decorations.

Alice in wonderland themed party decorations: Croquet lawn emphasised here…

jungle themed party decorations

jungle themed party decorations

Children’s birthday parties provide fun environments for the children, their friends and parents to really let their hair down. At Balloon Inspirations, we have noticed a rising interest in having “Jungle themed” birthday party celebrations for both boys and girls who are interested in the natural world.

At the Jungle themed birthday party featured here, the venue with large windows overlooking trees and fields provided a great backdrop for the balloon decorations utilised. Various shades of green balloons were used to capture a sense of the natural colours of forests, while individual animal balloons as well as animal print balloons also tie well together. Balloon flowers and balloon monkeys swinging in the “trees” all help bring the decorations to a human scale.

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childrens party decorations -minnie mouse-014


As this post is being written, a casual glance through the windows in addition to the definite “nip” in the air confirms this writer’s suspicions – Summer 2014 is definitely on it’s way to the realms of fond memories… Reminisce about those lovely and bright summer mornings in the not-too-distant past as you plan your next birthday party. In reality however, you need not wait for the summer months to have a garden party as the delights of modern technology means access to heating and electricity is instant even when partying alfresco.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to lay claim to some outdoor space around your home, you could, with some planning and our help at Balloon Inspirations transform your garden into a fantasy world.

As the game world of Minecraft is very large and varied, particular attention was placed on the use of colour as well as easily recognisable motifs in order to tie -in the various décor elements together.

Minecraft themed boys birthday party decorations
colours and game motifs allude to the world of minecraft games
Tall balloon arches and columns towering above the guests create the illusion of a ceiling even beneath the bright skies.

Minecraft games themed party decorations


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Rainbows and clouds - themed party decorations


sea side themed party decorations

Imagine your living room /lounge (or any other room in your home) being transformed into your very own mini sea-world adventure land…

This happened to a very fortunate 3 year old girl who woke up to the delights of sea world themed balloon party decorations from Balloon Inspirations.

The design brief was simple – create underwater themed balloon décor for a party at home; while the child is sleeping and as we really do love being given carte blanche on décor proposals, we set to work late on a Friday night.

The introduction of a “living” sea wall at one end of the room creates a great focal point and brilliant photo backdrop for the all important party photographs. The floor to ceiling height balloon wall in several shades of blue with fishes, bubbles and even balloon reeds all contribute to creating a definite sea life atmosphere within this suburban home.

sea life themed party decorations

Fancy having a large and bright pink Octopus on your mantle piece or any piece of furniture for that matter? – We can easily oblige – as shown in the picture below.

sea side themed party decorations

A large balloon sculpture of an Octopus “invading” the furniture!


  • sea side themed party decorations
  • sea side themed party decorations
  • sea side themed party decorations
  • sea side themed party decorations


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Balloon sculpture: Coral Reef
Balloon Sculpture of an Anchor - Underwater prom theme
Girls birthday party themes - Teddy bears picnic theme - dance floor canopy

Girls birthday party themes – Teddy bears picnic theme – dance floor canopy

At BalloonInspirations.com we really have great fun bringing our creative ideas to “bear” particularly when our Clients give us the free reign to amaze… We are priviledged to create lasting relationships with our Clients as they trust us to transform their celebrations into the realms of the truly spectacular!

A child’s first birthday party is a pretty big deal and definitely worth celebrating and this was the case with the party celebrations for a little girl who just loves her teddy bears.

She had a “Teddy Bear” themed birthday party at a venue in the suburbs of London UK recently.

In order to pull off this ambitious theme, a good deal of preparation ahead of the date was required, particularly to create the myriad of cute balloon “teddy bear” sculptures that came along to the party – hanging about the venue.

A large balloon wall with the celebrant’s name emblazoned in a balloon arch above was the main the focal point of the room, while a dance floor balloon canopy in the centre of the room created a  secondary focal point for additional interest.

The Balloon Table decorations comprised a mixture of large foil bear shaped balloons as well as sculpted balloon bears.

Girls birthday party themes – Teddy bears picnic theme – room décor
Girls birthday party themes – Teddy bears picnic theme – room décor in progress
These pictures shown below give an overview of the general decorations including the specially defined dance floor area.