childrens party decorations -minnie mouse

childrens party decorations -minnie mouse


Pink, pink and more pink with a little bit of black and white accents made up the colours of a Disney Minnie Mouse themed birthday party in London UK recently.

At we know that getting the right balance of colour and proportions helps to form individual decoration elements into a cohesive theme and this aspect of our work is always visible to a discerning eye.

A custom made arch in black and featuring “Minnie’s ears” with her tell tale large pink bow formed a backdrop for the cake table. The cake table was additionally flanked on either side by a large ‘Minnie Mouse ‘ balloon sculpture, helping to reinforce the theme.

The individual guest tables were treated with table centrepieces comprising Minnie Mouse themed balloon bouquets; these, along with the large double arches in the centre of the room together created a very visually appealing party venue for the Girl’s birthday party.

The pictures featured below give an overview of the general décor of the space and show the cake table area as well as table decorations.

Carnival themed party decorations - tunnel approach

Carnival themed party decorations – tunnel approach

Children’s Birthday party decorations – Carnival Extraordinaire themed party decorations.

The boundaries for amazing balloon decorations for children’s birthday parties keep being pushed week after week by adventurous clients and intrepid designers and at Balloon Inspirations, we are particularly grateful to and for those of our clients who give us the freedom to create (well, it is what we love to do afterall).

Balloon Inspirations recently had the pleasure of creating Carnival themed birthday party decorations for a Client in the tropical Lagos Island in Nigeria. The party was held within a large complex featuring numerous interior and exterior spaces so that guests flowed from one room to another at will.

Guests were ushered in to the party venue through the luminous and grand tunnel of arches to several rooms, each defined by unique yet thematic colours and décor and this culminated in a specially elegantly treated upper room for the adult guests. The adults room was treated in brilliant white and gold décor, contrasting sharply with the wild and vibrant colours of the Carnival.

The pictures featured below give an overview of the general décor of the spaces/rooms.

Entrance Balloon decorations: – Balloon arches and floral displays…


First room – balloon wall and table décor

Featuring a room focal point which comprised a balloon wall in baby pink white and red with accented colours…


Second room – spill over room with ceiling décor and balloon wall

In this next room, we have a varied colour balloon swag hanging from the ceiling as well as fuchsia pink balloon wall framed in deep green. A larger-than-life carnival mask placed above an archway completes the décor for this room.

Adults room – elegant party decorations in gold and white

Tastefully decorated in white and gold, the adult’s room provided a welcome respite from the vibrant colours of the carnival party.


Mickey mouse birthday theme 01

Red, white,black with white accents were the colours placed together to put the Mickey Mouse theme together for a child’s birthday party in London recently.

We had the pleasure of advising the Client on the usage of contrasting colours for the tables and chairs which complement the Mickey mouse theme and this helped to completely transform the room into a spectacular party venue.

A custom made arch in black and featuring “Mickey’s ears” formed a backdrop for the stage with several abstract “Mickey sculptures” and the celebrant’s name spelt out in balloons were placed in the foreground. Several abstract sculptures were hung from the ceiling to help to tie the theme together, additionally creating a more intimate scale within a very large room.

The pictures featured below give an overview of the general décor of the space and show the stage area as well as table decorations.


Undersea themed balloon  party decorations

Balloon wall with Celebrant’s initial…

A birthday party for a four year old took place recently in a Restaurant within a Shopping Mall in North London.

An Underwater party theme was chosen for the party and Balloon Inspirations had the pleasure of liaising with the Client to transform the restaurant into a spectacular party venue.

Guests were ushered into the large room by the couple of “smiley-faced” clown balloon sculptures placed strategically on either side of the entrance. A second purpose of alerting passers-by to the Restaurant was also served by these fun sculptures.

A large balloon wall (with accents including the celebrant’s initial) built behind the birthday cake table created a primary focal point for the room, whilst a large Octopus balloon sculpture spread it’s balloon tentacles across the ceiling from it’s balloon reef placed in a corner of the room.

This, in addition to the other short columns hanging from the ceiling formed the aerial décor for the room as table top space was at a premium – reserved for the exotic dishes to be served at the party.

The pictures featured below give an overview of the decorations.


Pooh and Eeyore birthday party decorations

Pooh and Eeyore birthday party decorations

Most children grow up learning to love Winnie-the-pooh bear and all his friends. The decorations for this kid’s birthday party featured large Winne-the-Pooh and Eeyore character balloons in a balloon canopy which comprised 4 columns spanned by 4 arches of brightly coloured balloons.

Winne-the-Pooh air walkers placed around the room made engaging interactive decorations for the kids at the party to play with.

Minnie Mouse party decorations

Very bright colours, character balloons, Disney princesses Cardboard cut outs and Minnie balloon airwalkers all featured at this girls’ birthday party for a one year old. Female guests were also encouraged to dress up in their “Minnie Mouse” attire – T-shirts/full blown fancy dress.


Pink and lilac pastel colours were chosen for party decorations for two young princesses.

smiley face balloon sculpture girl2

A smiley face sculpture for girls’ birthday parties.

Bart Balloon sculpture

This balloon scuplture makes a popular photo backdrop for kids birthday parties. Boys parties are more likely to feature this balloon scuplture rather than girls. For additional customisation, the sculpture could be dressed in the celebrant’s favourite football (or other sport) jersey.

Please enquire about other balloon characters.