Christening Balloon Decorations

We are always delighted to share in the joy of Parents when they decide to celebrate the birth of their new born. Some choose to have a big celebration in the company of family friends and well-wishers while others prefer to have a small and private ceremony in their own homes. At Balloon Inspirations, we are able to cater to different sized celebrations, and pride ourselves on our ability to pay the same amount of attention to detail, regardless of the size of your party or your budget.

For their Christening balloon decorations, some parents elect to follow traditional colour themes, i.e. pink for the girls and baby blue for the boys and other parents choose to go with universally accepted gender neutral colours. At Balloon Inspirations, we like to go a step further (where the situation permits)and opt to add little accented colours which do not remove from the traditional colour themes but rather serve to emphasise it.