Jungle themed balloon party decorations

Popular party themes – Jungle themed balloon party decorations

In the world of themed birthday party decorations for children, cer5tain themes seem to keep getting requested, particularly for children of a certain age. So for preschoolers for instance, Disney Pricesses and Minnie Mouse get requested a lot, while parties for boys of the same age group tend to be, more often than not, Mickey Mouse and the relatively new entrant to the popular party themes; jungle themed balloon party decorations.

The beauty of themed party decorations is the fact that when handled properly, say, in the hands of professionals such as Balloon Inspirations; you can transform any space into a “truly” magical environment of your choice.

This will be clearly seen in the pictures below which show how we at Balloon Inspirations interprete our Clients vision to produce stunning effects while working in different environments and within varying budgets.

Organic balloon entrance treatment – Jungle themed balloon party decorations

As you walk into the party venue, you are immediately greeted by this larger-than-life organic balloon half arch. This half arch rises over two storeys to produce a welcoming invitation to your guests to explore further, though it gives but a hint of what to expect next.

Surprise! – jungle themed birthday party balloon decorations.

Tropical jungle within a building. The themed dedcorations are formed from mammoth sized scenes printed onto vinyl.

The balloon decor is complemented by natural and artificial flora (working with others) to create a stunning environment within a building structure.

Fauna of the rain forest – Forest/jungle themed balloon decorations.

Black and white themed Prom balloon decorations featuring abstract balloon table decorations lit and placed on a transparent base.

The lit balloon decorations create a spectacular ambience in the room for the black and white themed prom.

We have been this way before: Popular party themes – Jungle themed balloon decorations.

As previously intimated, Jungle themed balloon party decorations are becoming very popular, particularly for parents who are planning birthday parties for their children (usually, but not always boys) of pre-school age.

The pictures and links below show our different treatments of the same theme in various locations.