Starlite Christmas - Christmas party decorations in a shared Marquee

Starlite Christmas – Christmas party decorations in a shared Marquee

Even when your Corporate Christmas party is being held in a “shared” venue, it is possible to contrive an atmosphere within an atmosphere, demarcating a specific area for your own party!

For a Corporate Client using a shared venue, unique balloon decorations, table decorations with other accessories and accents will help to promote the feeling of being special and sharing a more intimate venue with colleagues.

Corporate Christmas party decorations - shared venue

Corporate Christmas party decorations within a shared venue


Balloons in the traditional Christmas colours of red, gold and green were utilised to create a fun atmosphere around the tables reserved for Balloon Inspirations Clients within this Marquee venue shared with other Corporate parties.

For a fun-filled night, our interactive balloon decorations, in the guise of balloon “stick-men” graced the dance floor along with the guests while impressive balloon columns helped to delineate the extents of the dance floor.

Happy Santa - Christmas party decorations

Happy Santa – Christmas party decorations

“A Winter Wonderland ” in the Tropics ? was the response everyone informed about the party theme for a Children’s Christmas party held in Lagos, Nigeria not so long ago…

The conundrum presented by the sweltering December weather along with the theme’s allusion to the coldest season of the year in more temperate climates was a relished challenge for the designer at Balloon Inspirations. The party was held in a large party venue, framed with off -white textile swags, enhancing the transformation into a winter wonderland.

giant balloon snowmen and angels

giant balloon snowmen and angels

Silver foil balloons sculpted into large “disco” balls were hung around the ceilings along with balloon star-bursts to help fill the large space.

Balloon star bursts and disco balls ceiling decorations

Balloon star bursts and disco balls ceiling decorations

Additionally, large balloon sculptures of welcoming snowmen and angels ushered in the children to the party, complemented by small table centrepieces of balloon snowmen.

Balloon "Disco Balls" form part of the ceiling decorations

Balloon “Disco Balls” form part of the ceiling decorations

Balloon “Disco Balls” form part of the ceiling decorations
Santa’s grotto fully epitomised the “winter wonderland” theme with the predominantly white balloon décor, silver tinsel and artificial snow.

Winter wonderland theme - Balloon trees make great table centrepieces

Balloon trees make great table centrepieces

It was definitely a White Christmas at a Corporate Christmas party held in South Essex in the UK recently.

Balloon arches in white and silver spanned the dance floor, anchored on large, white balloon Christmas trees which were topped by large foil stars.

Table centrepieces comprised small, white balloon Christmas trees on each table. The table centrepieces were lit to cast a bright blue glow and topped with a reflective silver foil star balloon. Balloon star bursts and other festive ceiling decorations helped to “suspend ” the high ceiling to create a more intimate scale.

The balloon colours and lighting, complemented by the furnishings carried the theme through the entire room and was further buttressed by the choice of scenery décor strategically placed around the room.

Balloon sculptures featuring Toy soldiers

Balloon Sculptures in the form of Toy Soldiers guarded the entrance to the mini- Santa’s grotto at a Christmas party held in Essex in the UK recently. These balloon “Toy Soldier ” sculptures were loosely based on the army of soldiers from the Nutcracker Story which have been a staple feature of both residential and commercial Christmas decorations for a very long time.

A single balloon arch in the traditional Christmas colours of green and red spanned the lively and festive coloured toy soldiers balloon sculptures to delight the party goers while various balloon decorations, including large (jumbo) balloons hung from the ceiling to complete the festive look.

Santa Claus balloon sculpture

Father Christmas balloon sculpture

For Christmas party decorations, balloon sculptures create immediate impact as they easily capture the hearts of the themes they are alluding to. Christmas decoration props and elements such as Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa Claus sculptures and lots more can be created entirely of balloons (with small accents of other materials).

We have over the years created several versions of this jolly seasonal figure and the images below show many of our Christmas balloon sculptures of Santa Claus:

Winter wonderland decorations 1

Balloon Christmas tree and sculptures

Winter wonderland Christmas party themes – Balloon Snowman sculpture and small angels with balloon candles.

Creating Winter Wonderland themed decorations for a Children’s Christmas requires the inclusion of several elements which together create the sort of fantasy atmosphere that children would enjoy. For the Christmas party (Winter Wonderland) created here, white balloons with some silver balloons were used to create pathways, balloon sculptures such as : Christmas trees, snowmen, angels, lampposts and lots more. The clever use of lighting and effects as well as props all helped to transform the large venue into a truly magical winter wonderland.

More balloon Christmas trees are shown in the images below:

Christmas party decor - Santa's Grotto

Balloon lamp post, artificial snow pathway leading to Santa’s den.

Winter wonderland Christmas party theme incorporating abstract balloon sculptures, lit balloon lamp posts and various accents and decorative accessories.

More pictures from the Winter wonderland balloon display is shown below:



White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

A large marquee was the preferred venue for this Company Christmas party. Clear balloons stuffed with white balloons created the 7 foot tall Christmas trees while miniature balloon christmas trees made elegant table centrepieces. The table centrepieces were lit internally, creating a blue whimsical glow on each of the guest tables while silver and white balloons were hung from the ceiling completing the overall design.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

“Ceiling fill decor” is a highly effective means of decorating a room, either in a private living room or a large corporate function room with a relatively low ceiling.

Christmas ceiling fill decor

Christmas decor within reccess in ceiling.

Ostrich feathers centrepieces

Ostrich feathers centrepieces – Corporate christmas party decorations in marquee

Ostrich feathers integrated with balloons formed the table centrepieces for this Corporate christmas party in a marquee in central London.

Alternate tables had centrepieces created entirely of balloons in different forms and shapes tied together