Balloon Inspirations create interactive decorations for your guests to enjoy, reaching beyond creating an atmosphere with the decor. One of the most frequently requested are Exploding Balloons. These consist of large (3 foot) balloons each filled with a minimum of 100 small (5 inch) balloons as well as confetti. Exploding balloons create a truly spectacular effect when popped over a room of unsuspecting guests at your events.

Exploding balloons in their unexploded state blend with the general decor

Very popular for weddings (usually signalling the newly-weds’ first dance) and other celebrations, exploding balloons create a truly remarkable experience for unsuspecting guests.

With a loud bang, 5 inch balloons and flutterfetti (slow dropping confetti) descend on unsuspecting guests.

With a loud bang, 5 inch balloons and flutterfetti (slow dropping confetti) descend on unsuspecting guests.

Exploding balloons linked together in a series can be rigged to go off one after the other or simultaneously.

For New year parties in clubs and restaurants, exploding balloons make exciting contributions to ushering in the New year with a bang!

This concept is also used in creating large exploding Balloon Walls which are particularly effective for ‘unveiling’ ceremonies.

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40th birthday party decorations - gold and ivory
Room focal Point. Customised 3 foot heart shaped balloons topping balloon columns
40th birthday party decorations - gold and ivory

Note the use of aerial decor to fill up the large space easily.

In another beautifully romantic gesture Balloon Inspirations was privy to last weekend, a very appreciative husband organised a surprise 40th birthday party for his wife. Guests were asked to don white attires (with gold accessories), mirroring the white and gold colour scheme chosen for the venue decorations.

General decor of the hall comprised elegant gold and white table centrepieces topped with mini number 40 foil balloons along with some contrasting black accents which gave the occasion an air of chic elegance.


the proposal2

Romance was definitely alive and kicking last weekend when in a move more reminiscent of “old school” romantic movies rather than the modern day individualistic society, a young man orchestrated his marriage proposal to his sweetheart on the grounds of the North London primary school where they first met.

… Yes! I will marry you…

Balloon Inspirations was called upon to create an atmosphere of romantic intrigue, achieved by creating a pathway lit with lanterns, culminating in a lit balloon arrangement.

The balloon arrangement comprised balloon columns topped with lit 3 foot balloons on either side of a 3 foot heart shaped balloon, softened using tulle and ribbons…

…and the lady’s answer?…