Ostrich feathers centrepieces

Ostrich feathers centrepieces – Corporate christmas party decorations in marquee

Ostrich feathers integrated with balloons formed the table centrepieces for this Corporate christmas party in a marquee in central London.

Alternate tables had centrepieces created entirely of balloons in different forms and shapes tied together

Purple and white wedding balloon decorations in Nairobi Kenya.

Wedding Reception at the Waterfront Leisure centre, Woolwich, London.

This is another installation of the spectacular wedding dancefloor canopy; a wedding decoration element that is highly effective in large rooms with a majestic vaulted ceiling .
The Canopy helps to create an intimate “room-within-a-room”, achieving a suspended ceiling effect within the larger space.
Balloons and accessories depicting the Bride’s chosen colour scheme are used in creating this awe inspiring installation.