Barmitzvah Balloon decorations, room view

Barmitzvah Balloon decorations, room view

Black and Red was the very vibrant main colour theme for this Barmitzvah held at the Royal Majestic in London. “Spelling out” the celebrants name in large Silver foil balloons is very popular – reminding people about why they are gathering together to celebrate!

Balloon inspirations had the priviledge of decorating the same venue (in the same colour theme) within a very short time frame, the major difference being the specific table arrangements. One of the functions had an additional dimension as it was “music themed” and as such had large musical notes floating above the bespoke centrepieces created.

Red and Black Barmitzvah Balloon decorations

Red and Black Barmitzvah Balloon decorations

The pictures below give an overview of the entire room decorations including the table arrangements, click on each picture for a larger image.


In the same venue; we had the pleasure of creating “music themed ” Red and Black Bar Mitzvah balloon decorations. Some photos are posted below for comparison.


Balloon decorations can look really elegant for Weddings, especially when combined with flowers.

The clean lines of this table centrepiece in black and Gold will keep your guests talking about your party long afterwards. Complementing balloon arrangements on alternate tables will create and added dimension to the overall decorations and atmosphere of your party venue.

Particularly suited to more formal occasions, the black and gold colours of this table arrangement exudes elegance and style.

For the movie buff or those just having a Hollywood/Oscars themed party, this table centrepiece acts as a stunning base from which to work from. Cleverly placed accessories or subtle changes in the colour scheme makes the table arrangement equally apropos for daytime or night time partying.

Picture depicts part of the centrepiece created for an Arsenal F.C. fan.

Purple and white wedding balloon decorations in Nairobi Kenya.

Classical balloon decor featuring balloon coloumns and table decorations.

When planning an intimate wedding ceremony, simple understated  decor is especially effective.

The wedding decorations for this wedding in a marquee consists mainly of a combination of large heart shaped pink balloons and double stuffed balloons.

Marquee wedding decor - pink and white

Pink and white double stuffed wedding cloud nine balloons


Simple balloon columns topped with customised 3 foot heart shaped balloons complement the “Cloud Nine” balloon arrangement at the front of the room.










A simple tapering balloon arch with floral accents and tulle complete the simple yet elegant look of the intimate Wedding ceremony in a marquee.

Wedding cake table decorations floral arch

Wedding cake table decorations floral arch

Wedding Reception at the Waterfront Leisure centre, Woolwich, London.

This is another installation of the spectacular wedding dancefloor canopy; a wedding decoration element that is highly effective in large rooms with a majestic vaulted ceiling .
The Canopy helps to create an intimate “room-within-a-room”, achieving a suspended ceiling effect within the larger space.
Balloons and accessories depicting the Bride’s chosen colour scheme are used in creating this awe inspiring installation.