White Christmas balloon decorations

White Christmas balloon decorations

Undoubtedly, a large part of the year 2014 is spent as we move to the last quarter of the year, the colder nights draw in and our thoughts are drawn towards the great flurry of activity that would soon usher in that party season of the year – Christmas.

Over the years at Balloon Inspirations, we have had the very special privilege of participating in the preparation of these Seasonal parties; catering for individuals, faith groups, communities, event organisers as well as company marketing executives all intent on setting the best backdrop for their individual celebrations.

Whatever the final atmosphere or ” feel” our Clients wish to achieve for their Christmas party, we are able to utilise the extremely versatile medium of Balloons and associated accessories to create decor that “wows” their guests all the time. From formal to playful and light, monochrome to bright and colourful; clever use of balloon decor dictates the ambience of a room.

Somewhere in Essex, UK, the same marquee hosts Christmas party revellers year after year.

The photos below show some of the different ways Balloon Inspirations has treated the same party venue; easily showcasing the versatility of Balloon decorations from Balloon Inspirations.

Christmas party decorations

Several Santa Claus “representatives” in a Christmas party Marquee

The same marquee now looks like a magical winter wonderland

The same marquee now looks like a magical winter wonderland

Corporate Christmas party decorations - shared venue

Corporate Christmas party decorations within a shared venue


Balloon decorations - snowflakes 12

Balloon decorations – snowflakes 12















The first flurry of snow for this season just covered a large part of the UK this morning, particularly in the South East region, including London and the surrounding Home counties.

While no one (particularly commuters) could ignore the nuisance and disruption that comes in the wake of snow fall in this country, in the same vein, it is just as difficult to ignore the charm and inherent beauty of the “white stuff”.

Perhaps this unrelenting fascination with the weather phenomenon called snow explains why so many people choose a wintry scene as a theme for their party decorations. It is just as feasible to have winter-wonderland /white Christmas themed Wedding decorations as it is to have children’s Christmas party decorations. The difference would be in the choice of décor elements as well as the accents used.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

Christmas party themes – white Christmas
This white Christmas scene for a Corporate Christmas party could work for a Wedding reception with a few tweaks
Some more pictures depicting Balloon Snow flakes:

Christmas party balloon decorations

Christmas party balloon decorations

In the wake of the festive season, Winter Wonderland themed parties are becoming more popular than ever before. This theme is as applicable to Wedding and Birthday parties as it is to Christmas parties and to pull one off with an authentic “feel” to it; a creative and adventurous designer as well as a visionary Client are required.
It is possible to create a “wintry”atmosphere with a budget that does not necessarily break the bank. There are different ways of doing this; and one of the best mediums to use is Balloon decoration and associated accessories.
First, you may choose to focus on a specific area of the room/venue, creating an instant focal point , which may actually be the only area that alludes to the theme.
If space and budget allows, creating a wintry scene as shown in the photo above, comprising balloon sculptures of balloon trees, balloon snowmen and angels and balloon Christmas trees with associated accessories including artificial snow.

Balloon “Christmas” trees and balloon snowmen on a smaller scale make beautiful table centrepieces especially when decorated with exquisite accents and colours. These centrepieces can then be lit to create a subtle glow on the tables they rest upon.


miniature balloon trees make beautiful table centrepieces

miniature balloon trees make beautiful table centrepieces


For large rooms, building oversized balloon snowflake sculptures which are suspended from the ceilings help to create excitement and impact relatively easily and will quickly fill a really large space especially at venues with high ceilings.

winter wonderland - ceiling burst

Winter wonderland – fill up large headrooms with ceiling bursts…

winter wonderland suspended snowflakes

Christmas party decorations - lit table decorations

White Christmas all around – scene setters complete the look.

The use of proprietary scene setters would also contribute to the overall