Alice in wonderland themed party

Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party decorations

The ever popular “Alice in Wonderland”by Lewis Carroll inspired the party theme for a child’s birthday party in London.

The Alice in Wonderland themed party took place across two floors in a hall within greater London in the UK. The ground floor was set up so that the children could have their party food and snacks there while the Sports hall above was refashioned into a balloon tree-lined “lawn” complete with balloon shrubs , flowers with balloon toadstools and mushrooms.

The different shades of green used to create the balloon “flora” helped to mimic nature’s varied colour tones. A large ‘Alice’ cardboard cut out figure was placed strategically beside some balloon hedges to further emphasize the Alice in Wonderland theme.

The pictures below give a general overview of the decor for the Alice-in-wonderland themed birthday party:

Click the pictures below for a different treatment given to the same Alice in Wonderland theme; catering this time to adults at a Corporate Christmas party:

The decor for the Corporate Christmas party featured a more esoteric colour scheme, alluding more to the air of fantasy from the story of Alice in Wonderland rather than the rich colours of naturally occurring plant life.