Fire and Ice… a party of two halves.


Fire and Ice themed party decorations

Fire and Ice themed balloon party decorations – overview:

‘Tope Abulude from Balloon Inspirations was awarded the pleasure of creating the designs for table centerpieces at the Grand Gala night of the 2014 World Balloon Convention in Denver USA. As the theme was “fire and Ice”, two centerpieces were designed, each depicting Fire and Ice respectively and replicated multiple times to fill up the room .

As far as the centrepieces were concerned, no attempt was made to mask the inherent dichotomy of the subjects and the very large room was very visible and deliberately divided into two with a large central aisle separating Fire from Ice, just as these two elements could not coexist for a great length of time in the natural world. The individual fire and ice themed balloon party decorations table centrepieces were designed around shimmering foil balloons and high quality accessories.  These were further enhanced by the clever use of lighting to create a truly spectacular atmosphere within the Ball room.

View down the aisle - Fire and Ice themed party decorations

View down the aisle – Fire and Ice themed balloon party decorations

View down the aisle – “Fire” and “Ice”
This party theme is very well suited to several party celebrations and can either be made even more elaborate or toned down to serve different budgets or price points. When thinking of Christmas party decorations, “Fire and Ice” themed balloon party decorations from Balloon Inspirations would create a truly stunning atmosphere for a Corporate Christmas party.

If looking for Christmas party decorations ideas, an option might be to concentrate on the “Ice” party decorations for “Winter-wonderland”, Christmas or indeed “Frozen” themed party decor.

The pictures detailed below give an overview of the table decorations for the “Fire and Ice ” themed party in Denver USA.


*Room decor visible in the pictures was designed by Akane Shibata.