Wedding party decorations – Wedding Dancefloor Balloon Canopy

gold burgundy ivory wedding balloon canopy

Special wedding balloon canopy over the dancefloor


At Balloon Inspirations, the opportunity to create unique decor for our discerning Clients is a prospect we always relish. When we had the opportunity to create awe inspiring wedding party balloon decorations in the colour scheme of Gold, Burgundy and Ivory balloons in London UK, we approached the design stage with much gusto!

The table decor for the wedding guest tables featuring large (3 foot) balloons with a “collar” of double stuffed Ivory and clear balloons around it’s neck

This spectacular dance floor canopy is particularly appropriate in large rooms with majestic headroom.
The Canopy in general is very effective in creating a more intimate “room-within-a-room” to visually reduce the perceived height of halls with high ceilings

Balloons and accessories in the Bride’s chosen colour scheme were used to create this amazing installation.

gold burgundy ivory wedding balloon canopy 2

Underside view of the wedding dancefloor canopy.

A full spiral arch consisting of all the wedding colours frames the wedding party top table.