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Spring 2014 has definitely “sprung” here in the UK  (never mind the unseasonally cold temperatures) and this means that Wedding season is  here… Now, we do not doubt that people get married virtually every day of the year, but there is equally no denying of the fact that a large percentage of  Brides would,  in an ideal world, choose to get married in the spring and summer months when they are more likely to have the benefit of higher temperatures (for the more revealing wedding dress), lusher greenery and “picture-perfect” blue skies to help create spectacular backdrops for the all important wedding photographs.

Some people think that using balloons  for wedding décor is distasteful and tacky, but here at Balloon Inspirations we are tackling this commonly held misconception head -on!  We have had the privilege of creating classy wedding décor utilising balloons , associated accessories and sometimes even incorporating flowers and greenery. In so doing, we continually receive comments such as “I didn’t know you could do this with balloons”,  “wow, this looks spectacular” and many more complimentary comments of the same ilk, lending credence to the fact that a substantial percentage of the general populace is largely unaware of the limitless possibilities for creative wedding decorations through the medium of Balloons and associated accessories. The caveat to the above statement would be that the wedding décor should be designed and executed by professional class balloon décor designers /decorators, otherwise, (like any other medium in the hands of a novice) the décor may well take on a look far removed from classy!

Exquisite table decorations and table centrepieces,  floor decorations,  wall or backdrop designs, ceiling décor and even space delineation are all possible with balloons and can create the desired atmosphere for your weddings.

The beauty of Wedding balloon decorations is that the décor is easily suited to your budget  as various elements can be included or omitted to suit the budget and the bride and groom may decide to focus on certain aspects of the room, for example creative centrepieces which double as conversation openers on guest tables or large balloon walls which focus attention on the celebrants.  Additionally, incorporating special colours where required is relatively easy with balloons, particularly for African and Asian weddings in which vibrant colours play an integral part of the pomp and pageantry associated with traditional African and Asian weddings even within Western cultures.

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