Winter wonderland theme - Balloon trees make great table centrepieces

Balloon trees make great table centrepieces

It was definitely a White Christmas at a Corporate Christmas party held in South Essex in the UK recently.

Balloon arches in white and silver spanned the dance floor, anchored on large, white balloon Christmas trees which were topped by large foil stars.

Table centrepieces comprised small, white balloon Christmas trees on each table. The table centrepieces were lit to cast a bright blue glow and topped with a reflective silver foil star balloon. Balloon star bursts and other festive ceiling decorations helped to “suspend ” the high ceiling to create a more intimate scale.

The balloon colours and lighting, complemented by the furnishings carried the theme through the entire room and was further buttressed by the choice of scenery décor strategically placed around the room.

Balloon sculptures featuring Toy soldiers

Balloon Sculptures in the form of Toy Soldiers guarded the entrance to the mini- Santa’s grotto at a Christmas party held in Essex in the UK recently. These balloon “Toy Soldier ” sculptures were loosely based on the army of soldiers from the Nutcracker Story which have been a staple feature of both residential and commercial Christmas decorations for a very long time.

A single balloon arch in the traditional Christmas colours of green and red spanned the lively and festive coloured toy soldiers balloon sculptures to delight the party goers while various balloon decorations, including large (jumbo) balloons hung from the ceiling to complete the festive look.

Orange and green – bright and colourful balloon colours chosen for a “Carnival” themed Bar Mitzvah celebration.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

Corporate Christmas Party London

“Spectacular” Christmas Party in Central London


As the month of November draws to a close and the chill of winter begins to gather in earnest in the UK, the brightness of Christmas lights, decorations and Christmas merchandise in stores and malls all over the Country bring a constant reminder that the season of good cheer, festivities and parties; that the Christmas season is upon us and yes, it’s time to plan the all important Christmas party!

While planning the mouthwatering party food and deciding the number of guests to cater for, it is important to pay special attention to the Christmas party decorations.

Christmas party themes-Santa’s sleigh in Winter wonderland

Christmas party themes-Santa's sleigh in Winter wonderland

Blizzard in Santa’s Den.

Blizzard in Santa’s Den.
Specially themed Christmas party decorations with balloons and lighting will help to really lift up the ambience of any room or venue and will set the tone for the whole party, encouraging guests to get ready for a really exhilarating time! Your guests will remember the buzz of excitement they felt as they entered the room, long after the party, as long as you have taken the time to plan the decorations well.

Your Christmas party could be planned around a seasonal/traditional Christmas colour scheme, event, movies or even company official colours (for the Corporate Christmas parties).

Corporate Christmas Party - Balloon Wall with Logo

Spectacular Balloon wall greets the guests at the entrance to the Chritmas Party.

Corporate Christmas Party – Balloon Wall with Logo
Spectacular Balloon wall greets the guests at the entrance to the Chritmas Party.
At Balloon Inspirations serving London, Essex and the UK, we specialise in creating exciting party balloon decorations for corporate clients including those planning Childrens’ Christmas parties and we utilize balloons – which may incorporate clever lighting and themed accessories altogether creating an amazing atmosphere for our clients and their guests.

The clean lines of this table centrepiece in black and Gold will keep your guests talking about your party long afterwards. Complementing balloon arrangements on alternate tables will create and added dimension to the overall decorations and atmosphere of your party venue.

Particularly suited to more formal occasions, the black and gold colours of this table arrangement exudes elegance and style.

For the movie buff or those just having a Hollywood/Oscars themed party, this table centrepiece acts as a stunning base from which to work from. Cleverly placed accessories or subtle changes in the colour scheme makes the table arrangement equally apropos for daytime or night time partying.

Picture depicts part of the centrepiece created for an Arsenal F.C. fan.

Santa Claus balloon sculpture

Father Christmas balloon sculpture

For Christmas party decorations, balloon sculptures create immediate impact as they easily capture the hearts of the themes they are alluding to. Christmas decoration props and elements such as Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa Claus sculptures and lots more can be created entirely of balloons (with small accents of other materials).

We have over the years created several versions of this jolly seasonal figure and the images below show many of our Christmas balloon sculptures of Santa Claus:

Pooh and Eeyore birthday party decorations

Pooh and Eeyore birthday party decorations

Most children grow up learning to love Winnie-the-pooh bear and all his friends. The decorations for this kid’s birthday party featured large Winne-the-Pooh and Eeyore character balloons in a balloon canopy which comprised 4 columns spanned by 4 arches of brightly coloured balloons.

Winne-the-Pooh air walkers placed around the room made engaging interactive decorations for the kids at the party to play with.