Baby gender reveal parties –

baby gender reveal parties

Boy or Girl? Balloons for baby gender reveal parties.

Most people love to have an excuse to throw or even attend a good party.

A relative newcomer on the “party-to-celebrate” block is the planning and celebration of a “baby gender reveal” party. This is a trend that has been gaining a lot of traction in recent years and appears to be fuelled by the social sharing sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and the online handmade and vintage marketplace  – Etsy.

Boy or girl? The big question which is on the lips of most of the friends and family of the parents to be and hosting a baby’s gender reveal is certainly an exciting way of letting everyone know at once. In fact, quite often, even the baby’s parents choose to find out their baby’s sex at the same time as their friends and family so they can fully share in the anticipation and excitement too. This approach takes a bit of extra planning as when the mum-to-be goes for her pregnancy scan sufficiently late in her pregnancy, she would ask the sonographer not to let her know but write down and seal the sex of the baby in an envelope.

Often, revealing the gender of a baby is incorporated into the baby shower thus making it a two-in-one party.  At Balloon Inspirations, we are privileged to be a part of baby gender reveal parties by providing unique balloon decor for baby showers and baby gender reveal parties.

Balloons in a box:

For couples who wish to share the excitement and anticipation of learning the sex of their baby at the same time as their family and friends, we create large boxes stuffed full of balloons in the conventional colours to signify if they are expecting a little boy or a little girl.  Variations of this theme include plush toys also in the conventional colour (pink or blue) ‘holding’ balloons which float up as the box is opened.

Exploding balloons:

Large (3 foot)  balloons in solid colours are filled with smaller balloons and confetti in pink or blue. These balloons are then exploded remotely or conventionally at a predetermined time during the celebrations, dropping their contents onto the parents-to-be, revealing in an instant the gender of the expected baby.

Share via social media

Even if you do not wish to host a party specifically for revealing your baby’s gender, the advent of social media means you can still creatively announce whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. A photo shoot featuring balloons in the appropriate colour could be posted to a group of your friends and family on Facebook /Instagram and other social media sites ; just remember to adjust your privacy settings so your baby announcement does not end up going viral!