Winter Ball Balloon Party Decorations – Using a sea of mostly white with some silver balloons, a simply dazzling atmosphere was created for this winter ball party.

White Jumbo balloons for the grand opening of the Francis Crick Institutue building in London UK.

Black and white themed balloon decorations at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane London.


Fire and Ice themed party decorations

Fire and Ice themed balloon party decorations – overview:

‘Tope Abulude from Balloon Inspirations was awarded the pleasure of creating the designs for table centerpieces at the Grand Gala night of the 2014 World Balloon Convention in Denver USA. As the theme was “fire and Ice”, two centerpieces were designed, each depicting Fire and Ice respectively and replicated multiple times to fill up the room .

As far as the centrepieces were concerned, no attempt was made to mask the inherent dichotomy of the subjects and the very large room was very visible and deliberately divided into two with a large central aisle separating Fire from Ice, just as these two elements could not coexist for a great length of time in the natural world. The individual fire and ice themed balloon party decorations table centrepieces were designed around shimmering foil balloons and high quality accessories.  These were further enhanced by the clever use of lighting to create a truly spectacular atmosphere within the Ball room.

View down the aisle - Fire and Ice themed party decorations

View down the aisle – Fire and Ice themed balloon party decorations

View down the aisle – “Fire” and “Ice”
This party theme is very well suited to several party celebrations and can either be made even more elaborate or toned down to serve different budgets or price points. When thinking of Christmas party decorations, “Fire and Ice” themed balloon party decorations from Balloon Inspirations would create a truly stunning atmosphere for a Corporate Christmas party.

If looking for Christmas party decorations ideas, an option might be to concentrate on the “Ice” party decorations for “Winter-wonderland”, Christmas or indeed “Frozen” themed party decor.

The pictures detailed below give an overview of the table decorations for the “Fire and Ice ” themed party in Denver USA.


*Room decor visible in the pictures was designed by Akane Shibata.

Corporate Dinner party Awards Nite - IT awards room view1


Deliberate décor is a major contributory factor in the perceived success of most events – private parties or large Corporate functions.
Balloon décor as a medium for artistic expression readily caters to a wide spectrum of events/celebrations. Balloons are therefore as equally suited to small private gatherings within the confines of a home as they are to elaborate, intricately detailed lavish public displays that draw the attention and curiosity of passers-by in large public spaces.

Balloon Inspirations had the pleasure of creating exquisite balloon decorations for an awards night organised to recognise the achievements within the Corporate IT Sector.

The use of multicoloured small balloons within large clear balloons alludes easily to the Client’s Corporate Logo and the use of balloon table decorations in this instance helps to bring what is a large room with attendant high ceilings down to a much more intimate scale .

Entrance feature: Delightful balloon wall visually announcing the entrance to the Function room.

Corporate Dinner party Awards Nite - IT awards stairway decorations

Balloon Wall in Corporate colours leads guests to the function room.

Corporate Dinner party Awards Nite – IT awards stairway decorations
Balloon Wall in Corporate colours leads guests to the function room.
For more detail, click to enlarge each picture below.


The décor for a hugely successful Circus themed party for the recently concluded World Balloon Convention (WBC) in Dallas Texas was designed by ‘Tope Abulude of Balloon Inspirations with the help of an army of volunteers…

Magnificent entrance feature: Large Clown arches

Guests at the circus themed party were ushered into the room through a tunnel of balloon arches featuring larger than life balloon sculptures of clowns wearing polka-dotted trousers!!!

Circus themed party - Clown balloon arches

Larger than life balloon clowns with polka dotted pants forming the entrance arches

Stage and Backdrop: This consisted of an extra  large wall of brightly coloured balloons in keeping with the “Circus” theme. The large variety of  individual décor elements really helped create the atmosphere of being in the “Big Top” tent of a circus. These include the dwarf  balloon columns topped with “smiley faced ” balloons, upside down balloon columns with small balloon monkey sculptures as well as the use of mainly red and yellow balloons with white accents.

Circus themed party - Stage and backdrop

Extra large balloon wall forming the stage backdrop for the circus themed part

Ceiling Treatment:

Continuing the illusion of being in the “Big Top” of a Circus, the room ceiling was covered with large tapering balloon swags which met in the centre of the room, with a large glowing balloon clown head at its apex. Balloon columns were hung from the ceiling and feature small sculptures of monkeys clambering all over.

Circus themed party - glowing clown face

Circus themed party – featuring a large glowing clown face and balloon swags

Featured below are some more photographs showing the other parts of the room , including the fun filled table decorations consisting of a floating balloon clown sculpture holding a large bunch of multicoloured balloons. Click to enlarge each picture.


ceiling balloon decor

Interior view – premium floor space is not impeded by the decor

When contemporary fashion company Juicy Couture was going to launch a new branch in London, Balloon Inspirations was called upon to create balloon decor that would be effective yet unobtrusive because the retail floor space was at a premium.

Simple but effective, especially where floor space is premium,  the ceiling of a room is filled with balloons as shown at the launch of the new branch of  “Juicy Couture” in London W1.

This image shows the celing decor visible from the street, attracting attention to the store, without obstructing the window display.

celing fill decor

exterior view – balloon decor for a corporate venue launch

Within the store, the clever placement of the balloons within a central well in the store ceiling, ensures the balloon decorations, while enhancing the atmosphere of the room,  do not take up circulation space within the room.

ceiling balloon decor

Interior view – premium floor space is not impeded by the decor

Balloons were a highly effective solution for this parade float at the Lord Mayor’s show for a company in London.

“Jumbo” smiley faced balloons and 18″heart shaped foil balloons floated above  the classic double decked London “routemaster” all along the parade route.

Simply stunning balloon decor enhanced the beauty of the architectural elements of this unique structure.

The balloon decorations feature 3foot “Jumbo” balloons and smaller balloons at it’s base.


This balloon wall was installed in the grounds of a hotel in Rome (Italy) and looked particularly stunning in the brilliant white balloon colour.

Corporate Logo was incorporated into the wall in accordance with the Client’s requirements.