Classical Balloon Columns mimic the structural columns in the function room.

We are always thrilled when a bride and groom to be choose us at Balloon Inspirations to help set the scene for their wedding reception party decorations.

When working  in this beautiful reception room at a venue in Orsett Essex, rather than focus on the constraints presented by the load bearing columns in the room and the relatively low ceilings, we decided to capitalise on the columns by creating classic balloon columns in ivory which were softened by the addition of leaves and flowers – (Roses and Gerbera daises).

Table decorations consists of double stuffed balloons in Ivory and clear balloons while jumbo  3 foot balloons with integral lighting cast a warm glow over the new bride and groom at the newly weds top table.

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  1. Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane says:

    I wondered if it’s possibek and what kind of cost it might be to decorate a marquee ceiling with balloons that have fake ivy falling off?
    The marquee is 18mx 12m.
    I have some images.

    Wedding is next September 21st
    Hedingham Castle in Essex

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Big balloons or giant balloons as they are sometimes called which have been around for quite a while have recently come into a position of prominence in the world of balloon decorations.  Balloon Inspirations was recently asked to create baby shower balloon decorations incorporating big balloons for a baby shower to be held within an office tower in Central London. While some people prefer to use gender neutral colours such as Light Yellow, Ivory and other pastel colours others would ask for the typical gender specific colours of pink and blue.

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