Organic balloon installation for Margiela Maison in London Mayfair.

Corporate decor - White "mushroom" Organic balloon decorations - shop floor

Organic Balloon Decorations

Organic balloon decorations are here to stay. After so many decades of perfecting classical balloon decor with crisp lines forming balloon columns, swags and arches, an interesting phenomenon has swept the world of balloon decor by storm.

Where balloons were originally structured into purely geometrical shapes and smooth lines, with the advent of Organic balloon decorations, all the previous classical balloon decor elements have been almost completely taken over by organic balloon arches, mushroom cloud ceiling balloon decorations, organic walls and more. Whereas classic decor concentrated on pure lines and shapes, organic balloon decorations are more concerned with a sort of charminly organised chaos. In addition to juxtaposing balloons of varied shapes and sizes, organic  balloon decor very often involves creative use of colour pallettes.

At Balloon Inspirations, we are uniquely positioned to deliver stunning organic balloon decorations for both our Corporate and private clients due in part to our strict attention to detail. The nature of organic decor is such that there is a fine line between creating beautiful chaos or creating an abysmal mess! We understand the principles of design and our committment to ensuring we exceed our clients’ expectations everytime means that we do not compromise on the quality of our work – we do not stop work on an installation until we are fully satisfied that it looks great.

Organic balloon decorations – entrance for Jungle themed balloon party

The fluid nature of Organic balloon decorations means that easily lends itself to following the form of any structural elements you may be trying to conceal. This installation rising between two floors demonstrates this quite effectively. More organic balloon decorations from this jungle themed party decor can be seen


Surprise! – Organic balloon decorations for baby shower.

Let’s start from the very begining…

Organic balloon arches and swags are best when they begin with classical rules and then break those same rules with impunity! This organic arch segment takes your eyes from its base to the apex. The understated use of pastel colours here potrays the purity and innocence of babies.

Baby shower Organic balloon decor

The party is right here! – Outdoor Organic balloon decorations.

Where standard latex balloon decorations are notoriusly difficult to maintain outdoors, organic balloon decorations such as this “wraparound” design are particulary effective outdoors. The added anchoring points provided by the structure behind gives a better sense of security and defence against adverse weather conditions outdoors.

Outdoor Organic balloon arch wrapping round entrance
Outdoor decor - Simple Organic balloon garland

More instances of Organic Balloon Decorations:

Although Organic balloon decorations appear to break every rule of design; however, proper attention to detail and a thorough appreciation of colour placement, light and shade as well as proportions remain underlying principles which together create a coherent whole in this decor form. We are increasingly being commisioned to create this fluid artform and the pictures below showcase some of the work we have carried out in recent times.