Carnival themed party decorations - tunnel approach

Carnival themed party decorations – tunnel approach

Children’s Birthday party decorations – Carnival Extraordinaire themed party decorations.

The boundaries for amazing balloon decorations for children’s birthday parties keep being pushed week after week by adventurous clients and intrepid designers and at Balloon Inspirations, we are particularly grateful to and for those of our clients who give us the freedom to create (well, it is what we love to do afterall).

Balloon Inspirations recently had the pleasure of creating Carnival themed birthday party decorations for a Client in the tropical Lagos Island in Nigeria. The party was held within a large complex featuring numerous interior and exterior spaces so that guests flowed from one room to another at will.

Guests were ushered in to the party venue through the luminous and grand tunnel of arches to several rooms, each defined by unique yet thematic colours and décor and this culminated in a specially elegantly treated upper room for the adult guests. The adults room was treated in brilliant white and gold décor, contrasting sharply with the wild and vibrant colours of the Carnival.

The pictures featured below give an overview of the general décor of the spaces/rooms.

Entrance Balloon decorations: – Balloon arches and floral displays…


First room – balloon wall and table décor

Featuring a room focal point which comprised a balloon wall in baby pink white and red with accented colours…


Second room – spill over room with ceiling décor and balloon wall

In this next room, we have a varied colour balloon swag hanging from the ceiling as well as fuchsia pink balloon wall framed in deep green. A larger-than-life carnival mask placed above an archway completes the décor for this room.

Adults room – elegant party decorations in gold and white

Tastefully decorated in white and gold, the adult’s room provided a welcome respite from the vibrant colours of the carnival party.