White Jumbo balloons for the grand opening of the Francis Crick Institutue building in London UK.

Black and white themed Prom

Black and white themed balloon decorations at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane London.

ceiling balloon decor

Interior view – premium floor space is not impeded by the decor

When contemporary fashion company Juicy Couture was going to launch a new branch in London, Balloon Inspirations was called upon to create balloon decor that would be effective yet unobtrusive because the retail floor space was at a premium.

Simple but effective, especially where floor space is premium,  the ceiling of a room is filled with balloons as shown at the launch of the new branch of  “Juicy Couture” in London W1.

This image shows the celing decor visible from the street, attracting attention to the store, without obstructing the window display.

celing fill decor

exterior view – balloon decor for a corporate venue launch

Within the store, the clever placement of the balloons within a central well in the store ceiling, ensures the balloon decorations, while enhancing the atmosphere of the room,  do not take up circulation space within the room.

ceiling balloon decor

Interior view – premium floor space is not impeded by the decor

Balloons were a highly effective solution for this parade float at the Lord Mayor’s show for a company in London.

“Jumbo” smiley faced balloons and 18″heart shaped foil balloons floated above  the classic double decked London “routemaster” all along the parade route.

Simply stunning balloon decor enhanced the beauty of the architectural elements of this unique structure.

The balloon decorations feature 3foot “Jumbo” balloons and smaller balloons at it’s base.


This balloon wall was installed in the grounds of a hotel in Rome (Italy) and looked particularly stunning in the brilliant white balloon colour.

Corporate Logo was incorporated into the wall in accordance with the Client’s requirements.

Custom printed latex balloons with company logos topped the table arrangements for this corporate dinner party held at The Savoy Hotel, the Strand in London.

Floor arrangements and stage backdrops filled the space with maximum impact.

Custom printed foil balloons with company logos formed the balloon table arrangements for this corporate dinner party held at Madame Tussauds in London.

A combination of 3 foot “Jumbo” Balloons and graduated sized balloons made for a simple yet  effective solution to adding a splash of colours within a large Marquee for a Corporate Event.

The decision to use the beautiful marble effect balloons made for truly spectacular balloon decorations within the white background of the Marquee.