Santa Claus balloon sculpture

Father Christmas balloon sculpture

For Christmas party decorations, balloon sculptures create immediate impact as they easily capture the hearts of the themes they are alluding to. Christmas decoration props and elements such as Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa Claus sculptures and lots more can be created entirely of balloons (with small accents of other materials).

We have over the years created several versions of this jolly seasonal figure and the images below show many of our Christmas balloon sculptures of Santa Claus:

Pooh and Eeyore birthday party decorations

Pooh and Eeyore birthday party decorations

Most children grow up learning to love Winnie-the-pooh bear and all his friends. The decorations for this kid’s birthday party featured large Winne-the-Pooh and Eeyore character balloons in a balloon canopy which comprised 4 columns spanned by 4 arches of brightly coloured balloons.

Winne-the-Pooh air walkers placed around the room made engaging interactive decorations for the kids at the party to play with.

Minnie Mouse party decorations

Very bright colours, character balloons, Disney princesses Cardboard cut outs and Minnie balloon airwalkers all featured at this girls’ birthday party for a one year old. Female guests were also encouraged to dress up in their “Minnie Mouse” attire – T-shirts/full blown fancy dress.


ceiling balloon decor

Interior view – premium floor space is not impeded by the decor

When contemporary fashion company Juicy Couture was going to launch a new branch in London, Balloon Inspirations was called upon to create balloon decor that would be effective yet unobtrusive because the retail floor space was at a premium.

Simple but effective, especially where floor space is premium,  the ceiling of a room is filled with balloons as shown at the launch of the new branch of  “Juicy Couture” in London W1.

This image shows the celing decor visible from the street, attracting attention to the store, without obstructing the window display.

celing fill decor

exterior view – balloon decor for a corporate venue launch

Within the store, the clever placement of the balloons within a central well in the store ceiling, ensures the balloon decorations, while enhancing the atmosphere of the room,  do not take up circulation space within the room.

ceiling balloon decor

Interior view – premium floor space is not impeded by the decor

Winter wonderland decorations 1

Balloon Christmas tree and sculptures

Winter wonderland Christmas party themes – Balloon Snowman sculpture and small angels with balloon candles.

Creating Winter Wonderland themed decorations for a Children’s Christmas requires the inclusion of several elements which together create the sort of fantasy atmosphere that children would enjoy. For the Christmas party (Winter Wonderland) created here, white balloons with some silver balloons were used to create pathways, balloon sculptures such as : Christmas trees, snowmen, angels, lampposts and lots more. The clever use of lighting and effects as well as props all helped to transform the large venue into a truly magical winter wonderland.

More balloon Christmas trees are shown in the images below:

Christmas party decor - Santa's Grotto

Balloon lamp post, artificial snow pathway leading to Santa’s den.

Winter wonderland Christmas party theme incorporating abstract balloon sculptures, lit balloon lamp posts and various accents and decorative accessories.

More pictures from the Winter wonderland balloon display is shown below:



White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

A large marquee was the preferred venue for this Company Christmas party. Clear balloons stuffed with white balloons created the 7 foot tall Christmas trees while miniature balloon christmas trees made elegant table centrepieces. The table centrepieces were lit internally, creating a blue whimsical glow on each of the guest tables while silver and white balloons were hung from the ceiling completing the overall design.

White and Silver Balloon Christmas tree and glowing table decorations.

“Ceiling fill decor” is a highly effective means of decorating a room, either in a private living room or a large corporate function room with a relatively low ceiling.

Christmas ceiling fill decor

Christmas decor within reccess in ceiling.