Balloon snowflakes 3

Balloon snowflakes 3

Christmas party decorations – large balloon “snowflake” sculptures.

As though the fact that Christmas falls in the winter in the Northern hemisphere is not enough, the penchant for creating “wintry” scenes and backdrops for Christmas party decorations does not seem to be lessening.

An effective method that Balloon Inspirations has utilised for filling up large spaces, particularly in rooms with high ceilings is the introduction of Balloon Snowflake sculptures often of varying sizes in order to mimic snowlake occurence in nature. These giant snowflakes are often made up of white and clear round latex balloons with accessories in silver light blue and other popular Christmas colours.

christmas party decorations Wintry Christmas scene - arctic balloon penguins on "Iceberg".

Wintry Christmas scene – arctic balloon penguins on “Iceberg”.

The incorporation of lighting within the decorations additionally enhance the atmosphere of a cold wintry evening where appropriate while other decoration elements such as lit balloon Christmas trees, lit balloon parcels and balloon table decorations all contribute to the general “Christmassy” ambiance of the party room.


Winter wonderland under a Marquee

Winter wonderland under a Marquee

Rising “mist” on a winter’s night – Balloon decorations featuring well lit table centrepieces and balloon “Chandelier” within a large Marquee venue.

Seriously, where does the time go? Suddenly, the year is surely drawing to a close and minds begin to turn to the office party season. A time when majority of employers and employees look forward to having a great time in joyous revelry.

At Balloon Inspirations, we have the knowledge and expertise to create spectacular party décor that people would talk about long after the latest office gossip has dissipated!

Christmas party decorations - Room view with lit centrepieces
Balloon Christmas trees were further enhanced by the placement of balloon Christmas presents around the base. These all formed a lovely frame around the dance floor area of the Marquee.

For more detail of the general décor of the party venue, click to enlarge each picture below:

The pictures below give an overview of the balloon decorations for wintry Christmas party within a Marquee in Essex last Christmas. The clever use of lighting and carefully placed décor elements all come together to enhance the festive atmosphere within the Marquee.

Corporate Dinner party Awards Nite - IT awards room view1


Deliberate décor is a major contributory factor in the perceived success of most events – private parties or large Corporate functions.
Balloon décor as a medium for artistic expression readily caters to a wide spectrum of events/celebrations. Balloons are therefore as equally suited to small private gatherings within the confines of a home as they are to elaborate, intricately detailed lavish public displays that draw the attention and curiosity of passers-by in large public spaces.

Balloon Inspirations had the pleasure of creating exquisite balloon decorations for an awards night organised to recognise the achievements within the Corporate IT Sector.

The use of multicoloured small balloons within large clear balloons alludes easily to the Client’s Corporate Logo and the use of balloon table decorations in this instance helps to bring what is a large room with attendant high ceilings down to a much more intimate scale .

Entrance feature: Delightful balloon wall visually announcing the entrance to the Function room.

Corporate Dinner party Awards Nite - IT awards stairway decorations

Balloon Wall in Corporate colours leads guests to the function room.

Corporate Dinner party Awards Nite – IT awards stairway decorations
Balloon Wall in Corporate colours leads guests to the function room.
For more detail, click to enlarge each picture below.


The décor for a hugely successful Circus themed party for the recently concluded World Balloon Convention (WBC) in Dallas Texas was designed by ‘Tope Abulude of Balloon Inspirations with the help of an army of volunteers…

Magnificent entrance feature: Large Clown arches

Guests at the circus themed party were ushered into the room through a tunnel of balloon arches featuring larger than life balloon sculptures of clowns wearing polka-dotted trousers!!!

Circus themed party - Clown balloon arches

Larger than life balloon clowns with polka dotted pants forming the entrance arches

Stage and Backdrop: This consisted of an extra  large wall of brightly coloured balloons in keeping with the “Circus” theme. The large variety of  individual décor elements really helped create the atmosphere of being in the “Big Top” tent of a circus. These include the dwarf  balloon columns topped with “smiley faced ” balloons, upside down balloon columns with small balloon monkey sculptures as well as the use of mainly red and yellow balloons with white accents.

Circus themed party - Stage and backdrop

Extra large balloon wall forming the stage backdrop for the circus themed part

Ceiling Treatment:

Continuing the illusion of being in the “Big Top” of a Circus, the room ceiling was covered with large tapering balloon swags which met in the centre of the room, with a large glowing balloon clown head at its apex. Balloon columns were hung from the ceiling and feature small sculptures of monkeys clambering all over.

Circus themed party - glowing clown face

Circus themed party – featuring a large glowing clown face and balloon swags

Featured below are some more photographs showing the other parts of the room , including the fun filled table decorations consisting of a floating balloon clown sculpture holding a large bunch of multicoloured balloons. Click to enlarge each picture.


Balloon Octopuses, Balloon anchors balloon fish and other Maritime balloon sculptures for great underwater themed party decorations.

Ideal as entrance definers (if

underwater themed party - entrance

Entry through the tentacles of a large octopus balloon sculpture

Guests to an underwater themed event were welcomed to their banqueting suite by this “larger than life” balloon sculpture of a playful Octopus set in the midst other features of the water world including fish, reeds and water bubbles.