Prom decorations Enchanted Forest Party

Prom decorations Enchanted Forest Party

As senior schools in the UK continue to embrace the celebration of the final term at school , “Leavers’ do” is slowly but surely metamorphosing into pretty elaborate and sensational Prom party celebrations.

Once again at Balloon Inspirations, we had the pleasure and privilege of turning our Client’s design brief into a reality of colour splashes and ambience. An “Enchanted Garden” created primarily with Balloons was installed within the function rooms of a Golf club in Essex.

Prom Enchanted Forest balloon decorations

Enchanted forest Prom decorations – floral garden and arch

Visually separating the dance floor from the seating and dining area, these fabulous burst of greenery, fantasy sculptures and colours succeeded in evoking the feeling of strolling through a wild but friendly forest.

Fantasy trees Table decorations - enchanted forest Prom decorations

Fantasy trees Table decorations – enchanted forest Prom decorations

Clever use of subtle lighting on the individual table centrepieces and fantasy trees around the room combined to lend to the magical character of the décor and the emotional response elicited.

Through the Unicorns - enchanted garden prom decoration

Through the Unicorns – enchanted garden prom decoration

Through the Unicorns – enchanted garden prom decorations
We have featured below a few pictures from the event giving an overview of the Prom party decorations. Please click to enlarge each picture.


Winter Ball Balloon Party Decorations – Using a sea of mostly white with some silver balloons, a simply dazzling atmosphere was created for this winter ball party.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed balloon decorations for a 1st birthday party in London, UK

White Jumbo balloons for the grand opening of the Francis Crick Institutue building in London UK.

Balloon Zebra, Girrafe and frog – balloon animals created for an enchanted forest themed kids’ birthday party in London.

Sponge Bob themed balloon party decorations.

baby shower balloon decorations - big balloons

Baby shower balloon decorations

Baby showers have become more commonplace in the United Kingdom in recent years and present an opportunity for close family and friends to celebrate the mum-to-be. Typically organised by the mum-to-be’s close friends, baby showers also present an opportunity for the wider community of friends and family take on a bit of the economic pressure of  caring for a baby by “showering” the mum to be with gifts/presents. the celebration of baby showers in the UK follows on from other events associated with the arrival of an infant such as Baby Christenings,  Baby gender reveal parties; and even first  birthday parties.

Big balloons or giant balloons as they are sometimes called which have been around for quite a while have recently come into a position of prominence in the world of balloon decorations.  Balloon Inspirations was recently asked to create baby shower balloon decorations incorporating big balloons for a baby shower to be held within an office tower in Central London. While some people prefer to use gender neutral colours such as Light Yellow, Ivory and other pastel colours others would ask for the typical gender specific colours of pink and blue.

Giant latex pink and blue balloons with corresponding sheer organza brought a splash of colour to the

Table top balloon sculptures depicting babies created a focal point for the display of baby shower gifts from the guests and colegues of the


Black and white themed Prom

Balloon sweets, balloon ice-creams, a gingerbread house – a few of the “treats” at a candyland themed birthday party in London.